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Returning to normal after an accident or collision may be difficult, but Mega Auto Body makes sure that at least your vehicle will get back to its former pristine condition with a minimum of fuss. Our talented body repair and flawless auto paint could even make it better than before.


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At our Port Moody shop, we have everything to transform your car from wrecked to amazing. Click through our service areas below to learn more about all we do.

Brakes Repair – $299.00

Glass Repair and Replacement

Body Repair

Car Towing

Paint and Refinishing


Brakes Repair

Brakes are an important safety feature of your car that you trust to stop your vehicle on time. At Mega Auto Body, our experts can diagnose and repair any brake issues for a transparent fee of $299.00. You can rely on our services to get you and your car back on the road safely!



Body Repair

With so many people driving throughout the Lower Mainland, it’s no small wonder that fender benders, scrapes, and rear ends occur. When accidents happen, it’s good to have a partner like Mega Auto body that can quickly respond to repairs and make accident imperfections a thing of the past.

At the Mega Auto Body repair shop in Port Moody, we’ve built a unique blend of the best auto body specialists in town but also the best equipment. Using these elements, we’re able to offer a wide variety of repair services suited to all types of dents and scratches. With our unparalleled abilities, your car will get the face lift it needs to look great again.

Because Mega Auto Body has years of experience in assisting people with auto body repair needs, we’ve developed an intimate knowledge of the insurance process and are happy to assist with paperwork filing and other parts of your claim. Whether an insurance company is covering the repair or you’re paying out of pocket, we’ll make sure you get the best possible, cost-effective solution.

Call Mega Auto Body at 604- 461 – 8200 to discuss your particular auto body repair situation and we’ll set a good time for you to visit our Port Moody location.


Paint and Refinishing

While some auto paint shops in Port Moody may choose minimal preparation to be faster, Mega Auto Body always takes the time to makes sure the existing surface is perfect before applying the first drop of paint. We’ll do any necessary body repair, sand, repair chips and scratches, and add protective surface sealant as part of our preparation process.

Nearly everyone knows that the quality of auto paint you choose matters a lot in your car’s final look, but few realize just how much painting preparation can change the appearance. At Mega Auto Body in Port Moody, we’re masters of preparation and only use the highest quality paints to ensure a finish that will look amazing for years to come.

Once the surface is ready, your car is ready to be painted. With your chosen color and style of paint, we’ll enter the paint bay and protect all sensitive areas before applying the paint in a smooth and even coat. Depending on your personal preferences, we’ll add additional coats to reach your exactly desired look.

A cheap paint job is not all it’s cracked up to be. Dial 604-461-8200 and get a professional painting by Mega Auto Body in Port Moody.


Glass Repair and Replacement

Even though it’s not related to the mechanical or electrical systems of your vehicle, having a broken window or windshield can just as effectively render your car useless in Port Moody. To get back up and running, Mega Auto Body has full glass repair and replacement options to fit your exact needs.

The unfortunate truth with glass repair and replacement in Port Moody is that the majority of cases will need the latter rather than the former. Once automotive glass has cracked, splintered, or otherwise been weakened, it will need replacement to keep you safe and protected from insects, bad weather, and stones or other debris that can come from the road.

At Mega Auto Body, we’ll do everything in our power to save your existing windows or windshields if at all possible. We understand that replacing the glass in your vehicle is often an unplanned expense and one that can be costly depending on your car’s make and model. We’ll help you find the most affordable option, whether a repair is possible or in the case you need a windshield replacement in Port Moody.

Before trying to drive a vehicle in Port Moody with a broken window or windshield, call Mega Auto Body at 604-461-8200 to find the best repair or replacement prices.


Car Towing

There are few things worse that being stranded on the road in Port Moody after an accident. With a car that won’t run and no way to move it, you need a local firm that will deliver a competent service without taking advantage of the difficult situation you’re in. At Mega Auto Body , we believe in affordable towing done right and will never overcharge.

Because you can need a tow at any time of day or night, Mega Auto Body is able to provide emergency response for accident situations or roadside assistance services like jump starts, and fuel delivery. Our flat bed towing or chain towing vehicles can easily fit the vast majority of vehicle makes and models and we’re happy to find a solution for difficult towing situations.

Part of being the best towing company in Port Moody has to do with our responsiveness. We know that when we receive a call, it’s often because someone is in need. By acting quick and with compassion, a member of our team will be able to reach your location quickly and provide an affordable towing solution.

Keep our number handy, 604-461-8200, and give Mega Auto Body a call the next time you need professional towing services.


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With a home base in Port Moody, Mega Auto Body provides auto body repair, auto painting, and towing services to the surrounding region. As a local business, we understand the misfortune of an accident but offer quality auto services at affordable prices to bring your vehicle back to excellent status.

The Mega Auto Body shop in Port Moody is fully equipped, meaning we have a diverse array of specialized equipment that allows us to provide superior repairs and painting. For the best quality at the best price, we’re the ones to call.

Call Mega Auto Body at 604-461-8200 for all your towing, auto body repair, and auto painting needs in Port Moody.


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